Friday, September 18, 2009

Lede of the week

In a Shark’s Tooth, a New Family Tree
By Sean B. Carroll

“'Like a locomotive with a mouth full of butcher knives.'

"That is how a shark expert, Matt Hooper, described Carcharodon megalodon to the police chief in Peter Benchley’s novel “Jaws.” He was referring to the 50-foot-long, 50-ton body and enormous six- to seven-inch-long teeth that made the extinct megalodon shark perhaps the most awesome predator that has ever roamed the seas."

The title of this piece is intriguing already. When it opened with the lede “Like a locomotive with a mouth full of butcher knives,” I had to smile. Not only is the imagery spot on, but I recognized the quote. Because the lede is catchy and a well-known quote from “Jaws,” either a book or a movie everyone has read/watched at some point in their life, it makes the story relatable. I started reading the story through, and it continued with references to “Jaws” to introduce the information it wished to present. The article began telling a story that catches a reader’s attention, keeps their attention while continuing with a familiar story as it gradually introduces what it is they really want to talk about. This was my "lede of the week."

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